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Paris City of Love and Lights, Capital of France

Paris is the city of a thousand clichés and any of them meets and exceeds the expectations of tourists. Parisians, meanwhile, are fortunate enough to enjoy 365 days a year. Despite its large size and population, everything worth to be visited is located within the ring of Parisian Boulevard Périphérique . The center of Paris is quite compact, and can be visited on foot or using the efficient and extensive

New Delhi, Capital of India

Delhi is a city incomprehensible in every way. Extends uncontrolled over a vast expanse of the plain of river Jamuna. With over 20 million inhabitants, and high levels of poverty pollution pose a challenge to the senses of the most experienced traveler. Those who are able to see beyond the misery, the chaotic traffic, pollution and constant requests and complaints from beggars and scammers will find historical, architectural and culinary

Athens Travel Guide, Capital of Greece

The name of Athens named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom, who, according to legend, won the city after defeating Poseidon. The victory of the goddess was represented in the construction of a temple on the Acropolis.     As a city-state, the coastal capital of Athens reached its full swing during the V century BC During the reign of Pericles (from 461 BC until his death in 429 BC),

Marseille City of Culture, France

Next to the blue Mediterranean sea and surrounded by golden hills and the famous white cliffs of Calanques, Marseille is located in a wonderful setting. And as much of its inhabitants have in a somewhat peculiar accent that foreigners have difficulty understanding, they all love their city and are very proud of her. Marseille is the second largest city in France and the oldest too. Founded by foceos 600 years

Manila, Philippines – City of the Future

Considered the “Pearl of the Orient” at the time of Spanish colonial rule, Manila today shows a less friendly face. The city is located on the west coast of the island of Luzon and is surrounded by fertile plains. It extends on both sides of the Pasig River, a navigable waterway that connects Laguna de Bay to the large natural harbor of Manila Bay and South China Sea delta.  

Nice, France Travel Guide

Somerset Maugham once said that the French Riviera was a ‘sunny place for shady people “and Nice merely establish this nefarious reputation for glamor. Nice is a city that leaves no one indifferent. traffic can be a nightmare and the tourist crowd can be a bit overwhelming during the summer, but in the midst of all this will find plenty of art galleries and museums (19 in total), an atmospheric

Andaz West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Andaz West Hollywood is more than a stylish shop hotel in Los Angeles. In this hotel you will get a good experience. This hotel adds the most recent style with the services and high touch change experience. It’s contain sophisticated style and provides you the facility of beautiful suites and rooms with the lovely spaces renowned and cheered dining and colourful spaces to your life style. It will change you way

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, Montreal — Canada

Who doesn’t know about Queen Elizabeth, a great first women queen of England. Here Queen Elizabeth offers the guests an outstanding comfort and attentive service of hotel and resort. It named Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. Located above the train station and connected to the extensive underground city of thousand boutiques, restaurants and cafe’s. Because of big and large building, this Fairmont hotel has 1039 rooms and 21 floors. Beside, it constitute

Abu Simbel Temples – Egypt

Around Nubia, especially southern Egypt, there is a tourist complex that should be visited. On that sandy soil, stands two massive rock temples named Abu Simbel. Other note to find it is around a western bank of Lake Nasser, average 230 km southwest of Aswan. One reason you should come there is that Abu Simbel constitute one of UNESCO World Heritage Site with another calls as “Nubian Monument”.

Negril A Small Beach In Jamaica

Negril is a small but very beautiful beach and resorts in the area of the Jamaican rural community called Westmoreland and Hanover. Its total populated according to the latest census is about 3000 people. The beach is just one and half hour drive away from the Sir Donald Sangster International Airport near the Montego Bay beach Jamaica. However Westmoreland is the rural community located on the south of the island.