Central & South America

Havana, Capital of Cuba

Cuba is not only the largest Caribbean island, but also the most diverse in terms of landscape and culture is concerned. Condition Communist Cuba has always bothered the U.S. But Cuba has nothing to do with the former communist states of Eastern Europe. Cuba is full of color and life and its capital Havana is good representation of it. Havana always conjures up images of dark women, cigar smoke, revolution

Negril A Small Beach In Jamaica

Negril is a small but very beautiful beach and resorts in the area of the Jamaican rural community called Westmoreland and Hanover. Its total populated according to the latest census is about 3000 people. The beach is just one and half hour drive away from the Sir Donald Sangster International Airport near the Montego Bay beach Jamaica. However Westmoreland is the rural community located on the south of the island.

Caracas The Capital Of Venezuela

Caracas which is formally known as Santiago de Leon de Caracas. It is the capital of Venezuela and largest city as well. It is situated under the Venezuelan mountain range, in northern side. It is near to the Caribbean Sea but it is apart from the coast about 2200 m. To the south of the city hills and mountains are stretched. From traffic, crime and pollution it is continually fighting.

Tortola The Largest Island In British Virgin Islands

Tortola is the most populated and the biggest island of the British Virgin Islands. British Virgin Islands is a group of islands which is forming the archipelago of the Virgin Islands. Christopher Columbus named it Tortola which means the Land of the Turtle Dove. Santa Ana was another name given by the Columbus. Dutch later changed it to Ter Tholen until the conquer of British.

Jamaica An Island Country Situated In The Caribbean Sea

At glance Jamaica is best island country for its beaches since it location almost smack in the center of Caribbean Sea. The view of beaches there are no need to be doubted anymore. Visiting Jamaica is also good idea to spend a quite holiday with getting around the other wonderful sights. It also has fresh and natural life so that you can smell a the fresh air especially on its

Virgin Islands Group of British And American Isles

Virgin Islands are the groups of isles in the virgin isles. These Isles are located on the north region of of the Lesser Antilles, and making the border among the Caribbean Sea and the great Atlantic Ocean. As we speak technically it is the combination of British and American oceans forming the Virgin Islands from the eastern and western isles.  The part from British Isles it is the land of overseas of

Cayman Islands, Caribbean Sea

The Cayman Islands are a British abroad land situated in the west side of the Caribbean Sea. The land includes the three isles of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and the Little Cayman which is situated on the south of Cuba and north-west of Jamaica Island. The Cayman Islands are believed to be division of the geographic Western Caribbean region as well as the Greater Antilles which is another Islands group

Ipanema Beach Beautiful Place In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Who does not know this city? You definitely hear it very often. The town is known as Cidade Maravilhosa (meaning: incredible city) is an exotic and amazing city. Yes! This city is the most visited city in the world. Rio de Janeiro is surrounded by beautiful mountains and direct access to the white sandy beaches. You definitely will not get bored with the atmosphere festive and entertaining,