Copenhagen, Capital and Most Populated City of Denmark

The canals, lakes and the sea form the backdrop to modern Copenhagen and are witnesses of the port city’s past as a major Baltic enclave. This also is reflected in the name of the city, København , a corruption of købmanne hafen or merchant port.       The foundation of the city dates from 1167, when Bishop Absalon built a stronghold on the island of Slotsholmen today enclave Christiansborg

Bratislava, Capital of Slovakia

Only 60 km (37 miles) from Vienna , Bratislava is in all respects an “old” European city, has a beautifully reconstructed Old Town (Stare Mesto) and Hapsburg Baroque architecture, which helps counteract the communist legacy city. Its location on the border with Austria and its proximity to Hungary and the Czech Republic has a direct relationship with its turbulent political past, but like other cities where different cultures converge, Bratislava

Barcelona, Spain – Capital City Of Catalonia

Several decades ago, Barcelona was not on the list of most visited cities in Spain. However, that was once a decayed industrial center, with little to offer, has undergone a dramatic transformation that culminated in the celebration of the Olympic Games in 1992. Through this event, Barcelona benefited from significant investments to improve city.       Since then it has become the mecca of the best architects in the

Ljubljana, Capital and Largest City of Slovenia

Ljubljana is a European city that has been long forgotten, but the vibrant capital of Slovenia is trying to catch up after the country’s accession to the European Union in 2004, the year he also started flying the airlines, inviting tourists to discover one of the most charming capitals of the continent. In recent years, the odd newspaper has called Ljubljana as the “New Prague”, it is true that at

Santiago de Compostela, Spain Travel Guide

One of the most beautiful cities in Spain , Santiago de Compostela has always been a popular destination it is not surprising that there the world’s oldest hotel, is located Hostal dos Reis Catolicos . The city also appears in the first travel guide from history, the Codex Calixtinus the twelfth century, which details the famous pilgrimage route, the Camino de Santiago. The importance of the city in the history

Seville, Spain Travel Guide

If you are looking for flamenco, fiestas, tapas and bullfighting and dierentes an impressive display of architectural styles, here are his best plays. Romantic, fanciful, mysterious and passionate, these are the adjectives that have always been used to describe Seville. Although it is also said to be wild (for its bullfighting and flamenco tradition sense), reserved, striking and insular. This is the city, a set of clear contrasts in any

Tallinn, The Capital of Estonia

Tallinn Old Town has a dream that even Disney executives could imagine. Its historic center has fine examples of Baroque architecture in the form hermosísimas medieval cobbled streets, castles and spiers of churches. The capital of Estonia , located on the northeast corner of Europe , the Baltic Sea, is rightly regarded as the “New Prague”.       Until 1991, Tallinn was subject to Soviet rule, but since independence

Helsinki, Finland – City of Design

If the shape of Finland recalls a woman with long skirt with his right arm punching the air, his right leg would Helsinki. Affectionately known as the “Daughter of the Baltic”, the city sits at the tip of a peninsula surrounded by an archipelago of 315 islands, Stockholm and Moscow, the two main shopping centers in the area.     town’s population approaches the half a million and the tallest

Paris City of Love and Lights, Capital of France

Paris is the city of a thousand clichés and any of them meets and exceeds the expectations of tourists. Parisians, meanwhile, are fortunate enough to enjoy 365 days a year. Despite its large size and population, everything worth to be visited is located within the ring of Parisian Boulevard Périphérique . The center of Paris is quite compact, and can be visited on foot or using the efficient and extensive

Athens Travel Guide, Capital of Greece

The name of Athens named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom, who, according to legend, won the city after defeating Poseidon. The victory of the goddess was represented in the construction of a temple on the Acropolis.     As a city-state, the coastal capital of Athens reached its full swing during the V century BC During the reign of Pericles (from 461 BC until his death in 429 BC),