Veliko Tarnovo A Historical City In Bulgaria

Veliko Tarnovo is a Bulgarian word; it is a famous historical city in the middle of Bulgaria and the organizational centre of Veliko Tarnovo district. Veliko Tarnovo is situated on the Yantra River Tarnovo is well-known as the historical capital city of the next Bulgarian kingdom. It is very popular tourist destination, famous for its unique architectural design.

Beautiful Ireland Landscape

There are some reasons why photographer mostly do like capturing beautIful natural view. They assume that nothing can beat any natural beauty in this world, except the nature view itself. The main purpose is to look for and perpetuate a great landscape, no matter whether its location in a desert, ice, gloomy or even very danger. For one of the best landscape which suited to do photography, and for recreation

Buckingham Palace, London

Buckingham Palace is the residence for the official London since 1837 and recently it is the place is the head quarters of the Monarch. For today is the official recognized to the Court of St James. Different types of authorized events are held by the queen here and for everyone it is opened for tourists.  From inside it has 775 rooms, 52 guests and royal bedrooms, beside this 78 bathrooms,

Navagio Beach Most Beautiful Beach In Greece

Navagio beach is one of the most stunning beaches in the world. Some time it is also referred as the shipwreck. The beach is situated on the northwest it is located on the north-west coast of the dazzling Zakynthos . The Beach is known as the hub of the popular shipwreck called Panagiotis. It is believed that these ships were smuggling ships and the place was the hub of smugglers referred

Mont Ventoux A Mountain In France

Mont Ventoux is a mount in the Provence area on the south side of France. It is situated approximately 12 miles north-east of Carpentras which is a community). From the north side, the hill touches the boundaries with the Drôme département.  It is the biggest mountain in the area and has been given the nick name of being the Beast of Provence or Giant of Provence.  The plain Mountain was

Park Guell A Garden Complex Barcelona, Spain

Park Guell is a garden compound containing the historical architects essentials located on the mountain of El Carmel inside the Gràcia area of Barcelona, Spain. The place was planned and constructed by the Catalan designer named Antoni Gaudí and was constructed in the period of 1900-1914. It has the area span of 0.1718 km² which is very huge area. It is one of the largest structures in the southern Europe

Colosseum The Biggest Amphitheater In Rome

The Colosseum is also sometimes refers to the Flavian stadium is an oval stadium in the middle of the Rome, Italy.  It was constructed by concrete and stones.  Back in the days it was the biggest stadium or amphitheater in the Rome Empire. Also it is the great specimen of great Roman architecture; in the history of the Rome it has immense significance.