North America

Lombard Street – San Francisco, California

Lombard street which is situated in San Francisco, it is a very big road which is in between Presidio and Embarcadero park where it becomes a main track directing traffic to the Golden gate bridge. In this place it is a very small and famous section which is between the Hyde and Leaven worth St. and near to the top of the Russian hill.  It is very dangerous for cars

Mount Nebo, United States

Located in the Western Jordan in United States, the Mount Nebo is the highest mountain which is almost as high as 2300 feet. According to the survey performed in 1970 the mountain was listed as one of the tallest mountains among the other mountains in the range. The mountain is covered in thick snow in the winter season but it welcomes both tourist and hikers in the summer months when

Boston The Largest City of Massachusetts, USA

If you are planning to spend a vacation in a busy city like Boston then you would need to know some of the best places to see in the city. This article describes the top tourist attractions in Boston. Faneuil Hall: This marketplace is not only a great place for shopping but it also has great historical significance. It used to be a place where the politicians would gather and discuss

Chateau Marmont, California, USA

Chateau Marmont is a unique residence that  has classic old school building style. It is located at 8221 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. This hotel is a fantastical folly in the land that take you to a old world different with another hotels in the world. Chateau Marmont look like a great hotel in a hill with good scenery. When you check in is like turning up in the