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Las Vegas, CA – Sin City

Few cities evoke images of sheer excess as Las Vegas. Located in the middle of the arid Mojave Desert, at the southern tip of Nevada, Las Vegas is an oasis of life, energy and money, a city whose raison d’être is entertainment. With very warm temperatures during summer and moderate winters, the city is visited throughout the year.     Despite having just over one million inhabitants, the airport is

Los Angeles, California – City of Angels

Days of sun and beach on Pacific and glamor in Hollywood with spectacular mountain backdrop, Los Angeles has many reasons to visit. Fascinating, seductive and, for many, overwhelming, if you know your way around it.     Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States after New York , extending along the Pacific coast of southern California. Your occupies 122 km coastline from Malibu to Long Beach, while

San Diego, California – City of Hope

Sun, surf and a great location are the elements that most visitors identify with San Diego. Located at the northern tip of the coast of California, the city enjoys sun throughout the year and a temperate climate during the winter. Most visitors to the city are attracted by good weather and experience life in this Californian paradise. Surrounded by sandy peninsulas (the locals describe as “islands”), San Diego is a

San Francisco, California – USA

San Francisco was called Yerba Buena, and was a Spanish fishing village with a population of 40 inhabitants. At the tip of a peninsula of 120 km ² (bounded on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the north by the Strait Golden Gate and north-east by the Bay), the area consists of more than a dozen steep slopes. About 75 years later, when the West Coast region became U.S.

Lombard Street – San Francisco, California

Lombard street which is situated in San Francisco, it is a very big road which is in between Presidio and Embarcadero park where it becomes a main track directing traffic to the Golden gate bridge. In this place it is a very small and famous section which is between the Hyde and Leaven worth St. and near to the top of the Russian hill.  It is very dangerous for cars

Chateau Marmont, California, USA

Chateau Marmont is a unique residence that  has classic old school building style. It is located at 8221 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. This hotel is a fantastical folly in the land that take you to a old world different with another hotels in the world. Chateau Marmont look like a great hotel in a hill with good scenery. When you check in is like turning up in the

Death Valley A Desert In California

Death Valley is a famous desert located in California, United States. Equator coordinates are, 36°14′49″N 116°49′01″W. Most of us don’t know that it is inside the area of the great Mojave Desert which is said to be the most dangerous desert, as it is driest and the hottest of the entire desert with in the area of North America.