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New York, USA – World Financial Center

New York is a city of superlatives. In addition to world financial center and shopping mecca, boasts renowned restaurants, architectural masterpieces and museums and galleries that make it one of the largest cultural centers in the world.       The epicenter of New York life has been and is still largely the island of Manhattan, which is surrounded by four distinct districts, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island,

Statue of Liberty A Monument In New York

Statue of Liberty is a monument which is located in New York. Its full name is Liberty Enlightening the world. The architecture of this statue was Fredric Augusta. If you carefully look at the SculptureĀ in her left hand she holds a tablet which shows the declaration of independence and on her right hand she holds a torch which is symbolizing the enlighten.

Fifth Avenue A Main Road In New York City

In every country there should be some place which is the popular and famous for their country, either it is historic place, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls or streets but there only be the one place which contains everything and become one of the popular place same like the Fifth Avenue street which is popular north south street which is situated in the New York city.