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Fifth Avenue A Main Road In New York City

In every country there should be some place which is the popular and famous for their country, either it is historic place, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls or streets but there only be the one place which contains everything and become one of the popular place same like the Fifth Avenue street which is popular north south street which is situated in the New York city.

Death Valley A Desert In California

Death Valley is a famous desert located in California, United States. Equator coordinates are, 36°14′49″N 116°49′01″W. Most of us don’t know that it is inside the area of the great Mojave Desert which is said to be the most dangerous desert, as it is driest and the hottest of the entire desert with in the area of North America.

Orlando Florida A City In The South East Region Of USA

Orlando Florida is one of the famous cities in the world. It is located in the central area of ​​the state of Florida, in the United States. Here we will find a place in the world-famous attractions, such as Walt Disney World. This place is certainly a favorite place for children and for adults. It also offers a variety of sights and beautiful places. This city is one of the popular

Sedona, A Famous Tourist Spot In Arizona

Sedona is also called the National Parks “Red Rock Country”, this famous place is one of the prime tourist spot in America are among Coconino and Yavapai counties included in Arizona State, Located in the northern part of Arizona. There, the air is very nice with the sun shining bright and warm during the day.  Here only the morning and even cold days, unlike northern Arizona with the cold air