Several decades ago, Barcelona was not on the list of most visited cities in Spain. However, that was once a decayed industrial center, with little to offer, has undergone a dramatic transformation that culminated in the celebration of the Olympic Games in 1992. Through this event, Barcelona benefited from significant investments to improve city.


Barcelona  Spain


Barcelona Catalonia


Since then it has become the mecca of the best architects in the world, who have gathered here to create modern and avant-garde structures. Many of them have found their inspiration in the modernist architect Antoni Gaudi, one of Barcelona’s most famous. His masterpiece is the Sagrada Familia, which is still unfinished, but can also appreciate its work in the lampposts and fountains of Plaça Reial, Plaza Real.


Barcelona Streets


Barcelona, Spain tourism destinations


The explosion of new buildings has not overshadowed, however, the beauty of the ancients, and their different architectural styles coexist in complete harmony. Barcelona is the kind of city where you can find a block of glass and steel office next to a Gothic cathedral. A city where the old port was renovated without losing any of its charm Átimo.


Barcelona View


Barcelona Onyar-River


Nice stores for shopping, incredible nightlife and a varied range of restaurants attract millions of tourists annually. Furthermore, following the complete renovation of several city beaches were created to enjoy the Mediterranean. Barcelona can also be the base for visiting the beaches and towns of the Costa Brava, or enjoying the mountains in the Pyrenees.


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