Brighton Beach is an Oceanside neighborhood located at the southern part of New York city borough of Brooklyn. It is best place to stay or vacation. For  vacation, there are many interesting sights to see and even able to make you feel comfortable.

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Walking around Brighton Beach area, you  will guided to some good attractions as follows land of pelmeni, matryoshkas, tracksuits and of course vodka. Having fun here constitute good experience since you can enjoy your day with all offered by Brighton Beach.

Brighton Beach

One of the best destination when you have already there firstly is Brighton Pier. A fun complex which is contains various food and drinks outlet, fairground attractions and Palace of fun arcade. There you can play all the attraction then take a rest of their bars. After that, try to visit Yellow ave Beach Sport. Join beach game just like volleyball here together with all your friends. This is a place for many visitor gathering and unite with forgetting about stranger. This is must be visit place for you if you want to get a joyness.

Brighton Beach

Exploring Brighton Beach is definitely fun, therefore Brighton Sport Company provides bicycle rental named Beach Cruiser Cycle Hire. All visitor can bring this cycle to help them exploring along the beach easier. The company has cycles for child to adults which is also completed with helmet and locks. Try your best day with this bicycle and take to the perfect path. Actually there are many interesting things to do in Brighton Beach just like, visiting some impress park, a museum with natural history, sport ground area, playing with the beach, shopping, and etc. Other idea is coming to Brighton Hall which the largest events avenue in the South Coast.

Brighton Beach

From those all, it best time to fulfill the empty stomach in the good recommended restaurant there. For example, you can visit Riddle and Finns II. This place is good since it has a directly view toward the beach. surely here  will serves you with all kinds of delicious sea foods made from the freshest ingredients. Feel a perfect sensation of  having lunch with a beach overview.  Then the last important point is determining place to stay. Brighton Beach has many choice for excellent staying place for example East Sussex Hotel. It also good place since nearest to the beach and will serves you all good facilities and accommodations.

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Brighton Beach

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