Marseille City of Culture, France

Next to the blue Mediterranean sea and surrounded by golden hills and the famous white cliffs of Calanques, Marseille is located in a wonderful setting. And as much of its inhabitants have in a somewhat peculiar accent that foreigners have difficulty understanding, they all love their city and are very proud of her. Marseille is the second largest city in France and the oldest too. Founded by foceos 600 years

Nice, France Travel Guide

Somerset Maugham once said that the French Riviera was a ‘sunny place for shady people “and Nice merely establish this nefarious reputation for glamor. Nice is a city that leaves no one indifferent. traffic can be a nightmare and the tourist crowd can be a bit overwhelming during the summer, but in the midst of all this will find plenty of art galleries and museums (19 in total), an atmospheric

Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

The largest cemetery to occupy a large area of 44 hectares (or in other units 110 acres) in the beautiful city of Paris, capital of France, is Pere Lachaise Cemetery which was also known as cimetière de l’Est, or we can say “east cemetery”  . To nobody’s surprise this cemetery is the largest cemetery in the city despite of some amazingly huge cemetery in the suburbs of the city. This really

Florence, Tuscany – Italy

Florence is a city that famous for its history. It city is very beautiful, neat and have a wonderful view. In fact, it is the populous city in Tuscany, and approximately 370,000 inhabitants, expanding to over 1.5 million in the metropolitan area. What else of uninteresting side here while Florence has 500 years old building, 300 old statues with an architectural classical European piazzas. Imagine how wonderfully if you are in

Chateau De Chambord, France

There is a quite great royal in French that constitute one of the most recognizable chateaux in the world called Chateau de Chambord. This royal stands surrounding by very beauty natural environment. It located between unnamed royal river and the wild woodlands, which is home to many boar and deer. Because of its greatness, Chambord has become one of UNESCO list as world heritage sites for its “living cultural Landscape”.

Budapest The Capital And The Largest City Of Hungary

Located in Hungary, Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is situated right on the bank of River Danube. Not only is this city a perfect spot for a vacation; offering much to the tourists from around the world, but it’s also located in a central position which allows tourists to easily travel to other great places in the country.

Amberley Castle, Sussex, UK

If you have already stay in a normal motel where nights and days are different and the facilities offered are not that much appreciable, people get bore because of these same traditional motels and hotels accommodations. Often people needs some change, for that there is Ambeley castle, it is a very luxury hotel completed by high class features. Amberley is not only a word for represent a castle, but it