There is a quite great royal in French that constitute one of the most recognizable chateaux in the world called Chateau de Chambord. This royal stands surrounding by very beauty natural environment. It located between unnamed royal river and the wild woodlands, which is home to many boar and deer. Because of its greatness, Chambord has become one of UNESCO list as world heritage sites for its “living cultural Landscape”. One reasonable thing for you to visit that Chambord is the largest and the most prestigious of the French Renaissance chateaux.

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Chateau De Chambord Ariel View

Chateau De Chambord was built and designed as a castle of 16th century. The landscape is very perfect with double helix open staircase that become Chambord’s masterpiece. Beside, it also features 128 meters of facade, more than 800 sculpted column and an elaborately decorated roof. The over all view of this spectacular castle is very wonderful and recommended to visit. By the huge building which looks sturdy and glottis, has attract many visitor come to see its marvelous directly.

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Some interesting sight to see there are include the facade and rooftop, the guardrooms, the double helix staircase, The state apartments, and the forest. Every decoration of the facade and the rooftop attracts people since it has forest of elongated chimneys, miniatures spires and shell shaped domes. A special sight you can see in the state apartments is Louis XIV’s decorated bedchamber, the grandest quarters in the chateau. This has still natural view through its forest. All fresh green trees completed with wild deers as make the forest is good to see.

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Another idea when you visit it is that you can follow the event schedule. There area many events available based on the time posted. These interesting events also become one reason why visitor are like to visit it. After exploring this Chateau de Chambord, you should enjoy those event as your complete holiday mission.

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Chateau De Chambord, France

Then you can try some hotels to stay for a night near the Chateau De Chambord such as Le Clos pres Chambord and L’Oree de Chambord. Beside having reasonable price, those hotels also has excellent service and comfortable bedroom. Or maybe you can try another with cheaper price but a little bit far from Chateau de Chambord area.

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Chateau De Chambord Stairs

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Chateau De Chambord River

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Chateau De Chambord Rooms

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