Death Valley is a famous desert located in California, United States. Equator coordinates are, 36°14′49″N 116°49′01″W. Most of us don’t know that it is inside the area of the great Mojave Desert which is said to be the most dangerous desert, as it is driest and the hottest of the entire desert with in the area of North America.

Death Valley earth cracks

Death Valley has several area points with different names; the desert has a point by the name of Badwater Basin where the ground elevation is the lowest from all other areas of the desert which is approximately 86 meters below the sea level.

Death Valley
Death Valley dunes

The most highest point of valley is at the contiguous United States, the elevation level is 4421 meters which is very high.

Death Valley

As we have discussed that the death valley has very dangerous temperature level which is maximum at the area of Furnance Greek which is the most hottest point of the valley, the recorded temperature is 134 °F.

Death Valley joining the borders with California and Nevada it is covering most of the area of the National Park and Mojave and Colorado Deserts Biosphere Reserve located in the area called Inyo inside California. The area which Death Valley covers is about 7800km sq from the mountain area of Sylvania and Owlshead.

Death Valley

The weather in here is not always hot, the weather is subtropical which varies from hot to, minor winters and rainfall which is of course very rare in the desert but it does happen.

Death Valley

The lower peak area tends to get more hotter than the higher peak area same like the sea level where the atmosphere pressure get stuck. When the air is stuck it also forms the hot wind current, which spreads heat to all the areas equally.

Death Valley

The Death Valley got its name back in 1849 by the English people. There it was first called as Death Valley by its explorers. It is not because of some kinds of death which occurred in the area but mostly I guess because of the extreme climate, although there was one death recorded in the area which was due to the gold and silver rush back in the days in California.

The national park was constitueted in 1933 in the month of February.

Death Valley


Death Valley

Death Valley map

Death-Valley Death Valley map guide

Death Valley cracked ground

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