Denver is the biggest city of Colorado and also the capital of the State of Colorado. It is also the second mainly crowded province in Colorado before El Paso region. City is a united city and region situated in the South Platte River Valley on the edge of the High natural ground right to east of the high stony Mountains.

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City center district is situated right away at east side of the union of Cherry Creek along with the South Platte River. It is approximately situated 19 kilometers from the east of the foothills of the stony Mountains.

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It was also sometimes known as its nickname, Mile-High City as its natural altitude is exactly 1 mile greater than sea level. That also makes it the most elevated main cities in the U.S.

denver-colorado (4)According to the anticipated population in 2012, the total population was 634265. Denver position as the 23rd mainly crowded cities is the whole United States. The county (Denver-Aurora-Broomfield, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area) given an anticipated population of 2011 which was predicted as 2599504 ranking Denver the 21st most density cities in the United States.

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Denver, Colorado is the major dense city inside a 500 miles circle and the 3rd main dense city in the Mountain West region and the Southwestern United States before Phoenix, Arizona, El Paso, and Texas States respectively.

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Denver, Colorado resides inside the semi-dry, continental weather zone. It has four different weather seasons and gets a reserved quantity of rain throughout the year. Because of its internal position on the High Plains, at the base of the Rocky Mountains the city has a weather which suddenly changes. The weather is very clear, makes an average of 300 days of sunlight a year. In Denver month of July is the hottest month, with on a daily basis standard temp at 74 °F.


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