Ferrari World is a  theme fun park on the Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.  The main park is located inside a 2152782 square feet top which makes it the biggest indoor fun park in the world.  Ferrari World formally opens for general public on 4th Nov 2010. The theme park is home to Formula Rossa which is the world fastest roller coaster.

The unique top of the Ferrari World was conceived and designed by Benoy designers.  It was decorated by a Ferrari logo on top of the roof just like a GT. The famous structural engineer Ramboll helped Ferrari world to complete.


The group offered their services as constructural engineering, design forecasting and interior design of the theme park, geo technical engineering and the frontage engineering.

Ferrari World design competition

The top has a entire surface area of 2152782 square feet with a border of 7218 feet. The theme park’s total length in measurement is 925696 square feet which is placed inside this 164 feet high roof.

Ferrari World

All the unique facts of the park makes this the world’s first indoor theme park which was designed and placed inside a huge structure. The biggest ever created Ferrari logo beautifies the top of the structure and it is about 213 feet x 159.1 feet which is huge.

Ferrari World kids area










Ferrari World

The construction facts revealed that the steel was used inside the structure was 12370 tonnes to support the whole structure.  The centre of the roof is marked by a 328 feet glassy shafts. The construction was confirmed completed on 29 Oct 2009 but the park was dued to open next year in Nov 2010.

Biggest attractions list:

Bell’Italia’ Paddock
Carousel The Pit Wall
Cinema Maranello Racing Legends
Driving with Champions Scuderia Challenge
Galleria Ferrari Speed of Magic
G-Force Tower V12
Junior Grand Prix Viaggio in Italia
Junior GT
Junior Training Camp
Made in Maranello

 Ferrari World construction

Ferrari World wings

Ferrari World at night Ferrari-World

Ferrari World Ariel view

Ferrari World Formula 1

Ferrari World Formula1 racing Ferrari-World

Ferrari World Ariel view

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