Florence is a city that famous for its history. It city is very beautiful, neat and have a wonderful view. In fact, it is the populous city in Tuscany, and approximately 370,000 inhabitants, expanding to over 1.5 million in the metropolitan area. What else of uninteresting side here while Florence has 500 years old building, 300 old statues with an architectural classical European piazzas. Imagine how wonderfully if you are in the middle of this very impressive town surrounding by a marvelous view each corner of the city.

florence cityscape (10)Florence City

florence cityscape (9)Florence, Tuscany – Italy

florence cityscape (3) Florence Cityscape

These all is united in one utterance, that is Florence cityscape. The most preferred view by many people in Florence is Piazza Michelangelo. The statue of Michelangelo has beautiful artistic side as a guard of the city. It produce great panorama overlooking above of the city. Then followed by The Ponte Vecchio which is a two block of apartments which separated by big and large bridge. This is not ordinary bridge since it actually is also a complex of apartment. It can shows nice view when we see it from front angel of the river. There where you will get great panorama of The Ponte Vecchio.

florence cityscape (6)

Another impressive sight that you can get is about upper are, which precisely on Florence’s famous rooftops. The rooftops of each house of the city also has certain view since arranged so neat so that increase the beauty of city scene. After it, visitor should prepare their cameras to take pictures of duo mo and tower.

florence cityscape (1)Florence City Houses

Beside its picturesque rooftops, there will be duo mo and tower among those rooftops. Both duo mo and tower become one in form of big church. Again, the view of those all buildings is quite wonderful and able to spoil the eyes and probably even hypnotize you more.

florence cityscape (8)

The best thing to to in Florence is walking around, cycling, photographed, and surely enjoy all the buildings sights. In the middle of those impressive historical buildings, some luxury hotel features five star hotels are also available. Of course based on the cityscape overall appearance, those hotels provide customer the amazing scenery of Florence. One of them is Hervetia Bristol Hotel which is also has great architectural style design which make it looks luxury and wealthy.

florence cityscape (7)

florence cityscape (2)\
florence cityscape (4)Florence cityscape

florence cityscape (5)Florence, Tuscany

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