Goa is along with the coastal area of Arabian Sea which is part of the country of India. The place is enclosed with Maharashtra towards north and towards south and east it is encircled with the state of Karnataka and in the west side it is bordered by the Arabian Sea. The capital of Goa is Panaji.  The Panaji state contains the population of 65000, after Vasco and Madgaon in India . It is the third largest city of Panaji, India. The Panaji is protected by the hill top and encircled with the stagnant swampland. It is some history about the place, now let’s just talk what are the things we should know about it.

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Every city has their official language so they have also. Their official language is Portuguese until it had freedom from the Portugal regime in the year 1961 but now for the official purposes the Marathi is used but still old generation can speak Portuguese.

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For tourism in India Goa is being a tourist hub so Hindi and English is almost understandable by everyone. Goa is divided into two areas which are north and south goa. The rivers which are flowing through it are Terekhol, Mondovi, Chapora, Sal, Zuari and Sal. Apart from that some of the other rivers which are covering 69% of the total area of Goa are river Mondovi and Zuari.

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If you are visiting Goa so you should know about the climate which suits you best for visiting. From mid of March to June there is summer season, from July to September there is monsoon season and from mid of December to February there is winter season.

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Dabolim airport is the nearest airport to Goa. The airport is the military airport of Navy.  Besides that 60% of Mineral Ore is exporting to Japan. In the year 1556 the first printing press of Asia was established at St. Paul’s college.

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Over all it is a wonderful place, where you can get relax and go for outing with your family and friends which is not so much costly. It contains a beautiful beach where you can enjoy, entertain yourself and forget your all worries.


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