Hoover Dam is a concrete arch-gravity made (an arc gravity is the one which has both the attributesy) in the Black canyon by the river of Colorado, right on the border of United states in the State of Arizona. It is a very old one made somewhere in 1930s exact date and year is still ambiguous so it is hard to confirm the exact date. Hoover Dam was made when there was great depression in the world (great depression was the time of great economic disasters during the World War II) by the president Franklin D. Roosevelt. Later then Dam was named after the contradictory president Herbet Hoover.

When in 1900 Hoover Dam was being constructed it was being investigated by the construction engineers whether the Black Canyon and the Boulder Canyon would be able to support it or not, or would it be able to control the floods and also be able to generate electricity.

After the investigation the next step was to get the approval from the Government which they got the approval from the Assembly in year 1928. Then there was bidding by the association of different companies and won by the Six Companies Inc, right after the it’s construction was started in 1931 after 3 years of getting approval from the Assembly.

Construction such a large one was a great challenge for the involved parties, this level of arc-gravity stem was never constructed before and some of the techniques which were about to be used by the constructors were not in favor for so many reasons.

Hoover Dam

The biggest hurdle in construction of Hoover Dam was the hot weather and lack of supporting equipments which was nearly getting impossible for the company to complete it but they did it eventually.

Hoover Dam

They gave the authority to the federal government in 1936 which was completed before the contractual time.

Hoover Dam

By the estimations results in 1930s the Hoover Dam construction cost was almost 49 million dollars but if we compare it with today’s currency value it is more than 811million dollars.  The coordinates on the equator is 36°0′56″N114°44′16″W.

By pass bridge  Dam
Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Power grid
Hoover Dam

 Ariel view of Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

 Hoover Dam Power plant


 Hoover Dam water reserves

 Hoover Dam entire vicinity view

Hoover Dam Ariel view

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