Lombard street which is situated in San Francisco, it is a very big road which is in between Presidio and Embarcadero park where it becomes a main track directing traffic to the Golden gate bridge. In this place it is a very small and famous section which is between the Hyde and Leaven worth St. and near to the top of the Russian hill.  It is very dangerous for cars because it contains too many directions.

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In between the year 1922 and 1923 the Lombard Street was changed completely to the eight turns and cars can only drive towards leaven worth road.
The famous tourist attraction of this avenue is winding down the road. Sometimes you will get some traffic jams as well but it totally fun. If you have decided that you will go by the road you have to wait for hours because as I said it is the tourist destination it is totally jam but you will get a good experience of waiting your turn to drive down the street. You have fight from the tourist’s crowd to get the best shot from the most beautiful road in the world.

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According to me if you want to see the view of this Lombard street, just park your car at a parking lot and take the cable car where you will see the view from the top without any problem. You can see the Alcatraz bay and Fishermen’s wharf; from top it will give you a scenic view.

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Lombard Street Houses

This place is announced as the crookedest road although it is not the most crooked avenue in San Francisco but it doesn’t matter. Especially in summer and spring as well this avenue becomes attractive when the flowers are in the bloom.

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Lombard street is not only a lane but it is totally photogenic and fantastic place, it is one of the amazing road as we compare with the other streets.

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Lombard Street Map

In the other street you can’t find the beautiful scenery or you can say the gift of God of a beautiful nature which this street contains can’t be compared to other. The best to visit this street is the fishing wharf where you get the historical information and many other things as well.

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Lombard Street Cartoon

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Lombard Street Tourists

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Lombard Street Parking


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