London Bridge refers to few historical bridges in the central London,England. These bridges have covered the distance from the River Thames. The current passage which was before made of concrete and iron supports was opened for the general traffic in 1973. Later it was out dated and has to be replaced with the new design before that it was made of timber wood bridges in fact the series of bridges. London Bridge

The first overpass on London was built by the Founder of London. The present London Bridge which lies at the west point of the river of the place, located about 30 meters in opposite direction of the water flow (upstream). It has been changed from the old location of the overpass which later replaced by the new design.

Putney was opened in 1729 which was the set of series of bridges in the area before this the London Bridge was the only passing which was used to cross the river from the Thames.


The current shape of the overpass is being looked after by an organization called, Bridge House Estates. It is a individual aid which is being supervised by the London city corporation itself.

The A3 road which is also being looked after by the local authority. The London Bridge and the adjacent towers are now being selected as the busiest business area.

The total length of the over pass is 269 meters long; its total width is 32 meters wide. The long spam area is measured as 104 meters. It was open to the general transportation back in 1973 in the month of March. London Bridge

It is a fantastic place to visit. Tourist comes from all over the world to visit the great architecture which has the most historical places in the area. People can come and see the areas like, Tower, the Dungeon and Tower over pass Experience.

The place is located on these coordinates if you see on the world equator, Coordinates : 51°30′29″N 0°05′16″W. Hope you like the article which has all the basic information about the place, keep us posted with your valuable feedbacks.

London Bridge

Ships passing by London BridgeLondon Bridge

 London Bridge day view


 London Bridge gates

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