As you know about the Disney world, in Disney world there are lots of things which are beautiful and attracted to the people like Magic kingdom. In this article we will talk some information about the magic kingdom. It is the first theme park which is divided into the seven lands. On the resort there are only two theme parks. With the two hotels it is opened, Disney’s Polynesian and Disney’s Contemporary resort. With 23 attractions this park is opened. In which twenty copies of Disney land and three of them are unique.

Magic-Kingdom-8Magic Kingdom Cinderella castle

Magic Kingdom (6)Magic Kingdom at night beautiful lighting view

Below the magic kingdom, there is an underground tunnel system which is called the utilidor. This utilidor is not actually underground system. It is basically built at the ground level and the park was build over that.  On the front of the magic kingdom, seven seas is situated which is a man made lake. When the kingdom opened they were planning that the attendance will be 100,000 guests but unfortunately there were only 10,000 guests.

Magic Kingdom (7)

Magic Kingdom (2)Magic Kingdom Micky mouse characters

This magic kingdom is situated at the Walt Disney resort which contains the area of 107 acres which is bigger than the Disney California. The Cinderella castle is the tallest structure of the Magic kingdom which is about 189 ft tall. The space mountain is the second tallest structure of the magic kingdom which is about 183 ft tall.

Magic Kingdom (9)

Cinderella golden carousel was purchased in the year 1967 from the Olympic park in Maplewood which is in New Jersey. In the year 1967 it was originally constructed. From the original carousel, ninety of the horses, hand carve from wood. With the addition of fiber glasses horses which is manufactured by Disney.

Magic Kingdom (8)

Magic Kingdom (10)

Over 100 years old the liberty tree, to present the tree with fully embellishment, 13 lanterns hanging the tree which is representing 13 colonies. The interesting thing about it that you should know, that Cinderella castle is not made with stone, it is totally made of fiber glass. Besides that it contains Disney world rail road which serves about 1.5 million passengers in a year which is a real 1928 steam powered train. Over this entire kingdom is totally magical as its name. It is a beautiful place to watch with the family.

Magic Kingdom (3)
Magic Kingdom (4)

Magic Kingdom (5)


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