Next to the blue Mediterranean sea and surrounded by golden hills and the famous white cliffs of Calanques, Marseille is located in a wonderful setting. And as much of its inhabitants have in a somewhat peculiar accent that foreigners have difficulty understanding, they all love their city and are very proud of her.

Marseille Architecture

Marseille is the second largest city in France and the oldest too. Founded by foceos 600 years BC (the name of the city was then Phocaea), later became a trading port under the influence of the Romans (Massilia), before evolving between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries around the port local business and industry, soap (the famous savon de Marseille ).

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Marseille has always been the gateway to Africa and the passage of many boats on the Mediterranean, and has always had a variety of cultures (Alexandre Dumas once said it was “the meeting point for everyone” ). However, the flow of immigrants has not converted to Marseille in a rich city, but in a city brimming with culture.


Marseille France

The city that created the national anthem of France no longer ashamed of her past, but it now takes pride in its individuality. Marseille used to have a high crime rate, but during the two decades latter one has shaken this horrible image through public investment and its current appearance has nothing to do with the old. But it has not lost its taste nor its particularity.

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Marseille has a temperate climate throughout the year, and almost every day is sunny (the city boasts over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year). The Mistral blows especially in autumn which encourages the practice of various water activities.

Marseille beach France


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