Located in the Western Jordan in United States, the Mount Nebo is the highest mountain which is almost as high as 2300 feet. According to the survey performed in 1970 the mountain was listed as one of the tallest mountains among the other mountains in the range. The mountain is covered in thick snow in the winter season but it welcomes both tourist and hikers in the summer months when the weather is considerably mild. This mountain also holds great religious significance apart from being one of the most popular hiking spots in the country. So it is also a famous pilgrimage place.

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo Beautiful View

Jews, Christians and Muslims all have faith in this mountain. This mountain is believed to be the same mountain where Moses was baptized and saw the Promised Land before dying.

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo Tree

He climbed several miles for his God. The Mount Nebo holds an important position in almost all the big religions of the world. This mountain is also the final resting place for Moses and therefore people still visit this place just to feel close to their God.

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo Building

The Memorial Church of Moses is also a place worth visiting. The church has a special portion known as the Baptistery. With its scenic location and beautiful architecture a tour of this place would make your trip to Mount Nebo even more enjoyable.

Mount Nebo

If you are planning a visit to this amazing place then you need to know a few things. For one you need to plan your visit during the summer season. This way you can fully enjoy all this place has to offer and even get good packages at the nearby hotels.

Mount Nebo

To reach the Mount Nebo you would have to take bus from Madaba. You can either walk or hire a taxi. When you reach there you can either take part in hiking or enjoy touring the place. You can visit the church, look at the beautiful sculptures created by an Italian artist and also relish in the scenic beauty of the place.

Mont Nebo (5)

With its religious importance and great natural beauty the Mount Nebo is a great option to consider for your next vacation.

Mont Nebo (1)

Inside Mount Nebo

Mont Nebo (9)
Mont Nebo (7)
Mont Nebo (2)

Mont Nebo (10)

Mount Nebo Map


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