Mont Ventoux is a mount in the Provence area on the south side of France. It is situated approximately 12 miles north-east of Carpentras which is a community). From the north side, the hill touches the boundaries with the Drôme département.  It is the biggest mountain in the area and has been given the nick name of being the Beast of Provence or Giant of Provence.  The plain Mountain was not that much of significant before but later it gained fame from the event of Tour de France which is a cycling tournament held there. Mont Ventoux The part of the name Venteux is taken from the French word which means high winds, because the mountain is famous for its high winds especially on the peak the wind speeds are recorded running at the speed of 200 mph. Normally the wind blow speed is above 56 MPH throughout the year in the area. The adjacent road over the hill gets often blocked due to high winds which makes almost impossible to pass through. Particularly the area called the storm pass which is before the point of summit, the point of the strong winds. No one can point out the source of the name of the Mont Ventoux it came from different sources, but some evidences point that the real origin is from back to 1st or 2nd century. Ventoux was back then named as Vintur but after that it was named after the God of summits Gaulish. Mont tour de france

Mont Ventoux, although it is geologically part of the Alps, which is one of the great peaks collection systems of Europe. It is habitually believed to be split from the other mountains ranges, probably because it lacks because of other mountains have different width and heights. Mont Ventoux Mont Ventoux coordinates are 45°50′01″N 06°51′54″E. The most elevated point is at 15782 feet. mont-ventoux-mountain-france

 Mont Ventoux tour de france graph

Mont Ventoux

 Mont Ventoux roads

Mont Ventoux

Beautiful view of  Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux

 Mont Ventoux beautiful road

Mont Ventoux

mountain trees ventoux

 Mont Ventoux trees

summit point

 Ventoux peak point


Ventoux mountain

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