If you visit the Washington which is the capital of the United States you should visit the national mall which is a big green strip which is enclosed by monuments and museums.  The capital building is the most recognized portion of the mall and this portion ends to the Lincoln memorial. From point to point length of the portion is about 2 miles.

National Mall Monument
National Mall (7)
National Mall Ariel view

National mall contains famous museums which include national gallery of art, space museum, national museum of natural history and the national air. It was perceived by French engineer and planned by Charles L’Enfant. Before this mall it was a muddy area but after 19th century this area was used for markets and for exhibitions of animals. Besides that, National mall was also contained for tracks and railway stations.

National Mall (2)

National Mall (3)

Let’s just talk about its facts. It is said that the top of the statue of Abraham Lincoln’s head is a face of confederate general Robert lee.  The interesting thing about the Washington monument is that it moves about 125th inch in wind with the speed of about 30 miles per hour.

National Mall (9)

The other fact about the National mall is that the capital building of this mall is the fourth tallest dome in the world. It is better than St Paul’s cathedral in London, St Peter’s Basilica in Rome and St Isaac’s cathedral which is in St Peters burg. For making more interesting and to make more attracted for visitors, in the museum of national air and space museum they are displaying a rock from the moon.

National Mall (10)

National Mall (8)

On October 15, 1969 the mall was used for a largest protest valley in protest of the Viet Nam war. Besides that the mall was also used for concerts as well. One of the main things is that in the concerts the beach boys and the rock and roll bands were banned for performing Independence Day concerts in the mall because these bands encouraged for drugs and alcohols. One important thing about the National mall monument, Washington monument was cracked in four places from an earth quake which came on august 23 2011. Over all it is the beautiful place to visit.

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