Niagara falls is in the Niagara city, it has the merged name of the three water falls and it is situated at the border of New York and Canada. From this site one thing is guaranteed that you will see rainbow from this fall. You can capture the beautiful scenes from your camera which will be breath taking. The perfect place to go to the falls is about noon, after the sunsets.

Niagara Falls Frozen

Niagara Falls (7)

From the Niagara falls 90% of the fish travels down. For the fish the rushing water is acts like a cushion because they are so much enjoying it. Back in the year 1800 the Niagara Falls was frozen. It was so much frozen that only little water travelled down the falls but now it is totally opposite. In every second, approximately 28,000,000 liters of water travel down.

Stunning view of Niagara Falls

In this Niagara falls the first who has travelled down, was a 63 years old brave teacher. She went down in a cylindrical container. From the Niagara Falls about 205 of drinking water goes through in the United States.

Niagara Falls (6)

Niagara Falls (5)

In the world it is not the highest waterfall. From the Niagara waterfalls more than 500 waterfalls are taller than it. The reason of the fall for the tourist’s destination that it contains the mixture of large volume of water with its height makes it more attractive to the tourists. As I said it is not tallest waterfall but in the world it is the fastest moving waterfall. It is totally the result of ice floe. Besides of all the things, the  falls become the part of the Pirates of the Caribbean Sea which was filmed on the falls. Other movies were also filmed like Superman and Marilyn Monroe. For Ontario, it serves a major part of electricity.

Niagara Falls (3)

Niagara Falls (4)

Over all it so much important fall. It serves so much facilities like needing facilities and serves also apart of beautiful nature. So my advice is that to enjoy the beautiful view of nature just book your room to see this lovely waterfall. Over all it is the nice place to visit.

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