Petra is derived from Ancient Greek word. It is a historical and excavation city in the southern Jordanian which is governed by Ma’an (a subdivision of a country) it is well-known for its unique construction of cutting and craving the rocks into a beautiful design. It is also known as the best water channel system. Petra is also famous with another name which is the Rose City it is because of the unique stones colors which are being carved in Petra.

Petra Jordan (1)
Petra Jordan historical picture

Petra was built perhaps before time as 312 BC as the capital city of the Nabataeans, it is recognized as the sign of Jordan. Most of the people who visit Jordan also visit this historical place because of its significance.  Petra situated on the incline of Jebel al-Madhbah, (is a mountain at Petra in Jordan current days) inside a basin within the mountains which appeared on the east side of Arabah (is a part of the Jordan Rift dell). It is a big valley coming from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. Most of us don’t know that Petra is part UNESCO World Heritage since the 1985.

Petra Jordan (6)
Petra Jordan view from top of the mountain

The Petra’s beauty was unknown to the world until the 1812. The site was explored by a Swiss explorer named Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. He described the site as the red rose city because of the carved stones. Later the UNESCO listed it in their heritage sites as it is the most civilized beautiful architecture of mankind.

Petra Jordan (3)

Petra was destroyed quickly under Roman law, in huge division from the modification of sea-based trade path. Back in 363 an earthquake damaged many structures, and harmed the essential water running system.  The wrecks of Petra were an item of interest in the middle Ages which led the great Sultan Baibars of Egypt which pushed in the curiosity to visit petra in 13th century.

Petra Jordan (2) Petra Jordan a historical place
Petra Jordan (4)

Petra Jordan close view

Petra Jordan (5)

Petra Jordan beautiful mountain carvations


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