Sand Dunes National Park is a USA National Park covered in the San Luis dell, in the east side of the Alamosa region and Saguache region, Colorado, United States. It is initially made as Great Sand Dunes National, and Great Sand Dunes National Park held by a exhibition of the United States assembly on September 13, year 2004.

Sand Dunes National Park, situated in the state of Colorado in the USA, surrounded on about of 340 kilometers square of wonderful sand mounts. These hills are said to be twelve thousand year old hills fit in the steepest rises in North America, altitude of about 750 feet. The center possesses other sight characteristics. Visitors to the exercise center can go to climbing over the mountains, the visitors needs to follow the compass with them and follow the signs to get to the right direction.

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Sand Dunes National Park is one of the various United States leisure parks which were made in the great depression session which was in 1932. Preserves the natural dunes in its original shape.

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Weather in the Dunes in summers is very high it reaches up to 90 °f, though the average temperature lies between 70°f – 80°f.  But the nights in the area are contrast to the weather in the day time; nights are pretty cool because its altitude is about sea level on 8200. The temperature at night drop to 40°f in the month of August and July there are usually observed the thunder with showers, looks beautiful.

It is advised for the visitors who visit the dunes in late fall during early spring season to avoid walking with bare feet or even use sandals,  always wear close foot wears like joggers. The dunes may absorb heat as well during the day light if walked with bare feet can burn your feet. The temperate can rise up to 149 degrees.

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Facts About Sand Dunes National Park
Situated Saguache County and Alamosa County, Colorado, USA
Adjacent city Alamosa
Coordinates-directions 37°43′58″N 105°30′44″WCoordinates:  37°43′58″N 105°30′44″W
Area 84,997 acres
Established 13-Sep-04
Tourists 254,674
ManagingAuthority National Park Service

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