If you are looking for flamenco, fiestas, tapas and bullfighting and dierentes an impressive display of architectural styles, here are his best plays. Romantic, fanciful, mysterious and passionate, these are the adjectives that have always been used to describe Seville. Although it is also said to be wild (for its bullfighting and flamenco tradition sense), reserved, striking and insular. This is the city, a set of clear contrasts in any corner.


Seville Spain Metropol


Seville plaza de espana


Seville is a city for all tourists to visit in any season. To find amusement in the midst of the crowd, the Plaza Alfalfa and Calle Betis are the best places. If instead you want to enjoy some peace, come to Maria Luisa Park. The city has enough charm to return again and again, and it will always find a different light.


Seville Spain map


Seville University


Seville Spain


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