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San Diego, California – City of Hope

Sun, surf and a great location are the elements that most visitors identify with San Diego. Located at the northern tip of the coast of California, the city enjoys sun throughout the year and a temperate climate during the winter. Most visitors to the city are attracted by good weather and experience life in this Californian paradise. Surrounded by sandy peninsulas (the locals describe as “islands”), San Diego is a

Mount Nebo, United States

Located in the Western Jordan in United States, the Mount Nebo is the highest mountain which is almost as high as 2300 feet. According to the survey performed in 1970 the mountain was listed as one of the tallest mountains among the other mountains in the range. The mountain is covered in thick snow in the winter season but it welcomes both tourist and hikers in the summer months when

Virgin Islands Group of British And American Isles

Virgin Islands are the groups of isles in the virgin isles. These Isles are located on the north region of of the Lesser Antilles, and making the border among the Caribbean Sea and the great Atlantic Ocean. As we speak technically it is the combination of British and American oceans forming the Virgin Islands from the eastern and western isles.  The part from British Isles it is the land of overseas of

Denver, Colorado, United States

Denver is the biggest city of Colorado and also the capital of the State of Colorado. It is also the second mainly crowded province in Colorado before El Paso region. City is a united city and region situated in the South Platte River Valley on the edge of the High natural ground right to east of the high stony Mountains.