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Paris City of Love and Lights, Capital of France

Paris is the city of a thousand clichés and any of them meets and exceeds the expectations of tourists. Parisians, meanwhile, are fortunate enough to enjoy 365 days a year. Despite its large size and population, everything worth to be visited is located within the ring of Parisian Boulevard Périphérique . The center of Paris is quite compact, and can be visited on foot or using the efficient and extensive

Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

The largest cemetery to occupy a large area of 44 hectares (or in other units 110 acres) in the beautiful city of Paris, capital of France, is Pere Lachaise Cemetery which was also known as cimetière de l’Est, or we can say “east cemetery”  . To nobody’s surprise this cemetery is the largest cemetery in the city despite of some amazingly huge cemetery in the suburbs of the city. This really

Seine A Famous River In Paris Basin

The Seine is basically a French word. Seine is a 482.184 miles stretched canal which is a significant viable canal inside the Paris sink in the north of the France. The canal grows from its source which is 18.6411 miles northwest of Dijon in France in the Langres plateau (flat terrain of France north of Dijon middle of the Seine), fluiding throughout Paris and into the English Channel (a limb