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Barcelona, Spain – Capital City Of Catalonia

Several decades ago, Barcelona was not on the list of most visited cities in Spain. However, that was once a decayed industrial center, with little to offer, has undergone a dramatic transformation that culminated in the celebration of the Olympic Games in 1992. Through this event, Barcelona benefited from significant investments to improve city.       Since then it has become the mecca of the best architects in the

Santiago de Compostela, Spain Travel Guide

One of the most beautiful cities in Spain , Santiago de Compostela has always been a popular destination it is not surprising that there the world’s oldest hotel, is located Hostal dos Reis Catolicos . The city also appears in the first travel guide from history, the Codex Calixtinus the twelfth century, which details the famous pilgrimage route, the Camino de Santiago. The importance of the city in the history

Seville, Spain Travel Guide

If you are looking for flamenco, fiestas, tapas and bullfighting and dierentes an impressive display of architectural styles, here are his best plays. Romantic, fanciful, mysterious and passionate, these are the adjectives that have always been used to describe Seville. Although it is also said to be wild (for its bullfighting and flamenco tradition sense), reserved, striking and insular. This is the city, a set of clear contrasts in any

Park Guell A Garden Complex Barcelona, Spain

Park Guell is a garden compound containing the historical architects essentials located on the mountain of El Carmel inside the Gràcia area of Barcelona, Spain. The place was planned and constructed by the Catalan designer named Antoni Gaudí and was constructed in the period of 1900-1914. It has the area span of 0.1718 km² which is very huge area. It is one of the largest structures in the southern Europe

La Rambla A Street In Central, Barcelona

La Rambla is a mall street in Barcelona which is paved from the both sides and surrounded with the traditional market of the city. The street is surrounded a treed pavement from the both sides which make the street looks even more attractive.  It is populated with the keen tourists who come from across the world to see this beautiful street. La Rambla is 1.2 kilometers long which connects the

Sagrada Familia A Famous Church In Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Barcelona attracts millions of visitors each year. In Barcelona you will find almost all intended destinations by tourists. It makes it very crowded with easy access, favorable weather conditions (all year), beautiful beaches and surrounding mountains, vibrant nightlife, delicious local cuisine and also the culture and history of Barcelona. Not only that, you can also see the wonderland,