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Amberley Castle, Sussex, UK

If you have already stay in a normal motel where nights and days are different and the facilities offered are not that much appreciable, people get bore because of these same traditional motels and hotels accommodations. Often people needs some change, for that there is Ambeley castle, it is a very luxury hotel completed by high class features. Amberley is not only a word for represent a castle, but it

Buckingham Palace, London

Buckingham Palace is the residence for the official London since 1837 and recently it is the place is the head quarters of the Monarch. For today is the official recognized to the Court of St James. Different types of authorized events are held by the queen here and for everyone it is opened for tourists.  From inside it has 775 rooms, 52 guests and royal bedrooms, beside this 78 bathrooms,

Trafalgar square A Tourist Attraction In, London

Trafalgar square is the heart of London.  Mostly visitors visit London to view this place. This place is considered as the center of London, from where the distance is measured from. If you have visited London and you haven’t seen it, it means you haven’t seen whole London. It was constructed by Sir Charles Barry in the year 1840, besides that he was also responsible for the House of the