Tallinn Old Town has a dream that even Disney executives could imagine. Its historic center has fine examples of Baroque architecture in the form hermos√≠simas medieval cobbled streets, castles and spiers of churches. The capital of Estonia , located on the northeast corner of Europe , the Baltic Sea, is rightly regarded as the “New Prague”.


Tallinn Estonia


Tallinn oldtown


Until 1991, Tallinn was subject to Soviet rule, but since independence in the same year, the capital has quickly recovered five decades of communism and opened his arms to the Western capitalist system. Mobile phones have become fashionable in so hooked on new technologies that its inhabitants have become fashionable E-stonia the term to refer to their country nation.


Tallinn_old_and_new town


On the outskirts of the old town are emerging neighborhoods with gleaming hotels and office buildings that celebrate the country’s accession to the European Union in 2004.


Tallinn Estonia Nightlife


Tallinn estonia map


Visitor coming to Tallinn with a preconceived idea of what should be a city with a past of belonging to the Soviet bloc will look so surprised by the new neighborhoods and beautiful Old Town. One of the most pleasurable experiences when visiting Tallinn is wandering the streets of the old city between Russian Orthodox churches and Dominican monasteries, witness the historic past of the city. Culture lovers will also find much of interest in Tallinn, a city that takes seriously the art and culture but also knows fun, as evidenced by its lively and entertaining nightlife.


Tallinn estonia street




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