Virgin Islands are the groups of isles in the virgin isles. These Isles are located on the north region of of the Lesser Antilles, and making the border among the Caribbean Sea and the great Atlantic Ocean. As we speak technically it is the combination of British and American oceans forming the Virgin Islands from the eastern and western isles.  The part from British Isles it is the land of overseas of UK including the Tortola isle, Virgin Gorda isle, Jost Van Dyke isle and Anegada isle.

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The United States part of Virgin Islands is one of five occupied limited regions of the United States, all along with American Samoa isle, Guam isle, Northern Mariana isle, and Puerto Rico. The region included St. Croix isle, St. John isle, St. Thomas isle and Water.

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The Virgin way divides the United States of isles from the Spanish  Islands including the Vieques isle and Culebra isle, which are part of Puerto Rico. The United States dollar $  is the authorized currency on all the Isles of both sides including British side and U.S. Islands sides and also it serves the Spanish sides of the Isles as well.

Beautiful Virgin Islands

Origin of Virgin Islands

Christopher Columbus named the isles in the memory of the Saint Ursula. Today the administrative name of the isles refers mainly to the British area in the island and the United States area of isles.  And same with the people perception, when the word Isles come in minds people generally refers to the British side and the American side of the Islands.

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The vehicles driven on the roads on the both British and American side of Virgin Islands uses right hand drive system where the cars are being driven on the left side of the road as per the British rule of traffic. The steering wheels of the cars observed mostly on the left side of the car but there are cars with right hand drive system specially the Spanish side of the virgin islands there are all cars almost driven on the right hand system.

Virgin Islands water

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Virgin Islands sands

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