When we listen this word Disney it comes many things in our mind, it reminds our childhood, where we enjoy the lovely cartoons of Disney and up till now and for children it will be always an interesting thing and when they hear for the Walt Disney world, it always be exciting because you can meet your different and favorite cartoons which you like the most. Like my favorite is Mickey and Minnie mouse, they always be my favorite cartoons similarly others as well. So in this article we will talk about some important information about the Walt Disney world that we should know about it. Walt Disney World (2)

Walt Disney world open 40 years ago. It is situated in Florida, USA. This place contains the world’s most visitors mostly the children. Through a year this destination contains 17.2 million people, it can’t be wrong. Let’s just talk about its history. Walt Disney had bought a swamp land for Disney land which is 43 square miles of central Florida. Its cost is about $5million. Before this Walt Disney world moved to the construction Walt Disney died in the year 1966 because of the complication of Lung cancer. Its opening was done on Oct 1, 1971. In its grand opening many awesome performances was done by the well known people. In them it includes Glen Campbell, Julia Andrews, and Bob Hope. Walt Disney World (1)

Due to the violent windstorm, it was closed for three times for Floyd on Sep 15 1999, for France on Sep 4-5 2004 and same year for Jeanne on Sep 26. Besides that they have Walt Disney resort too, where people from all over the entire world can stay and entertained themselves. Its resort size is about San Francisco. You can imagine how much big it is. Walt Disney World (9)

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Walt Disney World cartoon characters

One of the interesting things which I want to tell you that Mickey Mouse contains more than 290 outfits and Minnie mouse has more than 200 which are called evening gowns for cheering the people. In Disney land you will see animal kingdom, animal theme park which contains 403 unit areas. In this Animal kingdom, the Avatar, blue people which are the creatures of the animal kingdom with 3d rides which will open between 2015 and 2016 contains the cost about only $400. For the holiday time more than 1,500 Christmas trees are decorated. Over all it is totally entertaining place for everyone. You will forget all your worries.

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Walt Disney World cinderella Castle
Walt Disney World at night
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Walt Disney World Logo

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Walt Disney World Map

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