Andaz West Hollywood is more than a stylish shop hotel in Los Angeles. In this hotel you will get a good experience. This hotel adds the most recent style with the services and high touch change experience. It’s contain sophisticated style and provides you the facility of beautiful suites and rooms with the lovely spaces renowned and cheered dining and colourful spaces to your life style. It will change you way of thinking the resort. This hotel is popular for the rock and roll parties which are accommodate by the celebrities.

Andaz West Los Angeles (8)Andaz West Hollywood hotel view

You can walk towards the outdoors on Sunset Boulevard, you will feel the change. You feel a classical space that you are sitting in your living room than an entrance hall.

Andaz West Los Angeles (1)Andaz West Hollywood building

It is situated in the West Hollywood, 8.5 miles from the sight. There rooms are totally stylish. They offer you wireless internet, offers you gown that you can easily wear at your room to feel comfortable, blankets and healthy mini bar which offers you all the varieties of drinks.

Andaz West Hollywood

Besides that they also offer you smoking room with the feature of air purification system. There restaurants are totally upscale giving prominence to Southwest of France. On the poolside which is at the sun deck there menu is available.


Andaz West Los Angeles (3)Andaz West Hollywood at night, beautiful view

It provides you lovely views at the roof top pool. On Friday and Saturday nights it is the merging spot. The conferences room and rooftop ball room are also available in the 13000 square feet of available. Besides that there are the additional facilities are also available like reception facilities, gym or fitness facilities, bar facilities, currency exchange services, they will offer you safe deposit box, they also offer you laundry facilities, there are so many services that are countless to count.

Andaz West Los Angeles (10)Andaz West Hollywood dinning facility in open air

In all the room they have given the many services like telephone, internet access, cable TV, and ironing board, and voice mail, dryer and private bathroom as well. What else you need in the hotel.

Over all if you want to visit any hotel so you should visit this hotel. Andaz West Hollywood is one of the beautiful hotel in the world.

Andaz West Los Angeles (2)Andaz West Hollywood, LA

Andaz West HollywoodAndaz West Hollywood hotel dinning hall


Andaz West Hollywood
Andaz West Los Angeles (7)Andaz West Hollywood parties

Andaz West Los Angeles (6)Andaz West Hollywood corridor

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