New York, USA – World Financial Center

New York is a city of superlatives. In addition to world financial center and shopping mecca, boasts renowned restaurants, architectural masterpieces and museums and galleries that make it one of the largest cultural centers in the world.       The epicenter of New York life has been and is still largely the island of Manhattan, which is surrounded by four distinct districts, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island,

Orlando, Florida – USA

No doubt that Orlando is a city built theme-based parks tens of them. Until 1966, the center of Florida was pretty deserted, but this changed dramatically with the constant flow of tourists that caused the arrival of Walt Disney World. since the construction of the Magic Kingdom, which opened in 1971, Disney has added three theme parks Moreover, two water parks, shops, hotels and golf courses.       Taking

Abu Simbel Temples – Egypt

Around Nubia, especially southern Egypt, there is a tourist complex that should be visited. On that sandy soil, stands two massive rock temples named Abu Simbel. Other note to find it is around a western bank of Lake Nasser, average 230 km southwest of Aswan. One reason you should come there is that Abu Simbel constitute one of UNESCO World Heritage Site with another calls as “Nubian Monument”.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

The largest cemetery to occupy a large area of 44 hectares (or in other units 110 acres) in the beautiful city of Paris, capital of France, is Pere Lachaise Cemetery which was also known as cimetière de l’Est, or we can say “east cemetery”  . To nobody’s surprise this cemetery is the largest cemetery in the city despite of some amazingly huge cemetery in the suburbs of the city. This really

Baalbek A Famous Archaeological Site In Lebanon

Baalbek is one of archaeological site in Lebanon. It also known as City of the Sun  in Roman Time. The area is very ancient and can be proven by the holiest area in pagan times, shaped in Temple of Baal-Jupiter. The runs there make the site looks very impressive even get award in UNESCO  World Heritage Center. To know and see Lebanon’s real ancient ruins, so visiting this Archaeological site 

Chateau De Chambord, France

There is a quite great royal in French that constitute one of the most recognizable chateaux in the world called Chateau de Chambord. This royal stands surrounding by very beauty natural environment. It located between unnamed royal river and the wild woodlands, which is home to many boar and deer. Because of its greatness, Chambord has become one of UNESCO list as world heritage sites for its “living cultural Landscape”.

Amberley Castle, Sussex, UK

If you have already stay in a normal motel where nights and days are different and the facilities offered are not that much appreciable, people get bore because of these same traditional motels and hotels accommodations. Often people needs some change, for that there is Ambeley castle, it is a very luxury hotel completed by high class features. Amberley is not only a word for represent a castle, but it