No doubt that Orlando is a city built theme-based parks tens of them. Until 1966, the center of Florida was pretty deserted, but this changed dramatically with the constant flow of tourists that caused the arrival of Walt Disney World. since the construction of the Magic Kingdom, which opened in 1971, Disney has added three theme parks Moreover, two water parks, shops, hotels and golf courses.


Orlando Florida


The Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride, Adventureland, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida USA


Taking a cue from Disney, also appeared SeaWorld and Universal Orlando and proclaiming as the entertainment capital of the world. These attract over 40 million visitors a year, and that has meant a dramatic increase in the number of hotels, restaurants and shops, and other attractions on a smaller scale. Yet this young city has also developed its identity the transfer of several high-tech industries.


Orlando Florida Legoland


Orlando Florida road map



Orlando Florida water park


The city is also one of the five favorite cities in America to hold conventions. Still, the main attraction for 99% of the visitors are still the theme parks, and the nearby Kennedy Space Center. with the intention that visitors repeat visit, Orlando is constantly reinventing itself and provides new attractions and restarted regularly.


Walt_Disney_World Orlando Florida


Orlando Florida hotel


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