Negril is a small but very beautiful beach and resorts in the area of the Jamaican rural community called Westmoreland and Hanover. Its total populated according to the latest census is about 3000 people.

The beach is just one and half hour drive away from the Sir Donald Sangster International Airport near the Montego Bay beach Jamaica. However Westmoreland is the rural community located on the south of the island.

negril jamaica (6)Negril Jamaica resorts and hotels on the beach

In the city center of the Negril the northern hotels and resorts of the beach bay are in the place called Hanover Parish. The closest big town is called, Savanna-la-Mar, which is the capital of Westmoreland Jamaican rural community.

negril jamaica (9)Beautiful water of Negril Jamaica

 Negril’s beach is rated among the best beaches in the world and in Jamaica, its been placed in many magazines its beautiful sceneries and sunsets are really part of the famous calendars and magazines. If we talk about the beach length its total length is approx four miles but there is two sets of opinions in that some says it is seven miles wide.

negril jamaica (2)Tourists enjoying diving in Negril Jamaica


On the north end of the beach there are many resorts located on the shore where people come from all over the world for the vacations. The hotels and resorts which gives very good combinations of big and small accommodations, livings on the shore side, and more variety for the tourist.

negril jamaica (3)

On the South of city center Negril is the West End Road, recognized as the cliff area, which is filled with the different resorts as they are on a separate area gives more privacy to the visitors. The resorts are located near to water gives easy access to the area and tourist can enjoy the shore waves very often.

 negril jamaica (1)Negril Jamaica at night

Many sellers in the shopping center of market of the shore are located near to accommodate the visitors if they need something they didn’t have to go outside on cars.

 negril jamaica (10)Negril Jamaica Map

negril jamaica (8)Negril Jamaica Arial view

negril jamaica (7)
negril jamaica (4)

negril jamaica (5) Negril Jamaica stunning sunset view

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