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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It is hard to believe that Dubai today a major tourist destination and one of the major players in the global economy, was less than a century little more than a desert wasteland, home to Bedouins and a group of settlers around the creek, a natural seawater inlet that currently occupies the center of the city. At the time when Europe was embarking on WWI, Dubai did not even running

New Delhi, Capital of India

Delhi is a city incomprehensible in every way. Extends uncontrolled over a vast expanse of the plain of river Jamuna. With over 20 million inhabitants, and high levels of poverty pollution pose a challenge to the senses of the most experienced traveler. Those who are able to see beyond the misery, the chaotic traffic, pollution and constant requests and complaints from beggars and scammers will find historical, architectural and culinary

Baalbek A Famous Archaeological Site In Lebanon

Baalbek is one of archaeological site in Lebanon. It also known as City of the Sun  in Roman Time. The area is very ancient and can be proven by the holiest area in pagan times, shaped in Temple of Baal-Jupiter. The runs there make the site looks very impressive even get award in UNESCO  World Heritage Center. To know and see Lebanon’s real ancient ruins, so visiting this Archaeological site