It is hard to believe that Dubai today a major tourist destination and one of the major players in the global economy, was less than a century little more than a desert wasteland, home to Bedouins and a group of settlers around the creek, a natural seawater inlet that currently occupies the center of the city. At the time when Europe was embarking on WWI, Dubai did not even running water or roads and the main mode of transportation was still the camel.




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The city was originally a stop on the trade route between Mesopotamia and Indus Valley and remained so until the nineteenth century, a period in which he became a small coastal village on the Shindagha peninsula at the point where the Dubai creek joins the sea. The village was inhabited by the Bani Yas tribe, led by the Maktoum family, the dynasty that still presides today Dubai today. Dubai’s success began to take shape in the 1960s In 1966, during the process of liberation from British colonial rule, oil was found and since then, the history of Dubai is summarized in one word. Success.




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Since the 60s, the population has increased to reach almost 1.5 million people. Also many hotels have been built to welcome the employees of foreign companies and tourists that drive the economy. In fact, at last count, only 22% of the emirate’s population is of native origin, which makes Dubai one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world. This diversity prevents ethnic tensions occur and, although neighboring countries like Iraq are in full conflict, Dubai has stayed away from all sorts of problems to date.






Developments in Dubai has been impressive and has seen the construction large skyscrapers and gleaming office blocks on the banks of the creek. The development has been well managed. Proof of this is the design and structure of the city, which shows how the oil wealth has been used effectively. Dubai’s leaders tend to create great projects: one year was the new extension to the port facilities, the following was the construction of the tallest hotel in the world and now is the implementation of the project “Palm Islands” Dubai which will provide 100 km (62 miles) of new coastline with the creation of the three largest artificial islands in the world, which will have hotels, shopping malls, villas, theaters and the first marine reserve in the emirate.


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Dubai is increasingly seeking new lands in the waters of the Persian Gulf, as evidenced by another and extravagant new project, “The World” (the World), which involves the creation of an archipelago of 300 artificial islands in the shape of the countries. The emirate’s ambition knows no bounds, with the development of new projects such as the construction of the largest shopping mall in the Middle East, the new airport in Jebel Ali or the tallest skyscraper in the world Burj Dubai .


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Even the natural cove beyond the development and recently announced a new plan to alter its course and extend its runway. Regional instability produced by the Iraq war and terrorism of Al-Qaeda have caused tension in the emirate and continue a threat to tourism, one of the vital industries of Dubai. Nevertheless, tourists are flocking each year, which is not surprising if one considers the idyllic and sunny climate of the region, with an average of five days of rain a year.


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During the summer, however, the heat is extreme and makes it impossible to stay away from vehicles and buildings with air conditioning. Future prospects of the tourism industry and the economy of the emirate depend in part on the degree of development of other regions neighboring Middle East, but for now Dubai remains a city in constant boom.


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