Andaz West Los Angeles (1)

Andaz West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Andaz West Hollywood is more than a stylish shop hotel in Los Angeles. In this hotel you will get a good experience. This hotel adds the most recent style with the services and high touch change experience. It’s contain sophisticated style and provides you the facility of beautiful suites and rooms with the lovely spaces renowned and cheered dining and colourful spaces to your life style. It will change you way of thinking the resort. This hotel is popular for the rock and roll parties which are accommodate by the celebrities. Continue reading

Fairmont Elizabeth Montreal Canada (6)

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, Montreal — Canada

Who doesn’t know about Queen Elizabeth, a great first women queen of England. Here Queen Elizabeth offers the guests an outstanding comfort and attentive service of hotel and resort. It named Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. Located above the train station and connected to the extensive underground city of thousand boutiques, restaurants and cafe’s. Because of big and large building, this Fairmont hotel has 1039 rooms and 21 floors. Beside, it constitute the second largest Fairmont hotel in Canada after the Royal York in Toronto. Continue reading

Simbel Temples Egypt (9)

Abu Simbel Temples – Egypt

Around Nubia, especially southern Egypt, there is a tourist complex that should be visited. On that sandy soil, stands two massive rock temples named Abu Simbel. Other note to find it is around a western bank of Lake Nasser, average 230 km southwest of Aswan. One reason you should come there is that Abu Simbel constitute one of UNESCO World Heritage Site with another calls as “Nubian Monument”. Continue reading

negril jamaica (4)

Negril A Small Beach In Jamaica

Negril is a small but very beautiful beach and resorts in the area of the Jamaican rural community called Westmoreland and Hanover. Its total populated according to the latest census is about 3000 people.

The beach is just one and half hour drive away from the Sir Donald Sangster International Airport near the Montego Bay beach Jamaica. However Westmoreland is the rural community located on the south of the island. Continue reading

Beijing National Stadium (9)

Beijing National Stadium – Beijing, China

Beijing National Stadium which is officially known as the Bird’s Nest, which is a stadium in Beijing, China, This stadium was designed for the use of the summer 2008 Olympics and Paralympics. It is situated at the Olympic Green and this stadium contains the cost of US$423 million. The stadium design was awarded to the Swiss architecture firm Herzog and de Meuron in the year April 2003 after the commanding process which includes the 13 final submissions. From the study of Chinese ceramics this design was originated and appliance of steel beams in order to hide the backing of the numerable roof giving the stadium design of the Bird’s nest. Continue reading

caracas venezuela (5)

Caracas The Capital Of Venezuela

Caracas which is formally known as Santiago de Leon de Caracas. It is the capital of Venezuela and largest city as well. It is situated under the Venezuelan mountain range, in northern side. It is near to the Caribbean Sea but it is apart from the coast about 2200 m. To the south of the city hills and mountains are stretched. From traffic, crime and pollution it is continually fighting. Beside this, it has their traditional charm with most modern capital and from years it taking attention from  visitors over the world. Continue reading

Père Lachaise (8)

Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

The largest cemetery to occupy a large area of 44 hectares (or in other units 110 acres) in the beautiful city of Paris, capital of France, is Pere Lachaise Cemetery which was also known as cimetière de l’Est, or we can say “east cemetery”  . To nobody’s surprise this cemetery is the largest cemetery in the city despite of some amazingly huge cemetery in the suburbs of the city.
This really old landmark established in 1804 is well known for being the first garden cemetery and it also has the distinction of being the first municipal cemetery. What makes it more special is that it was the place for three World War I memorials.
This ancient cemetery, situated at the  Boulevard de Ménilmontant. Continue reading

florence cityscape (7)

Florence, Tuscany – Italy

Florence is a city that famous for its history. It city is very beautiful, neat and have a wonderful view. In fact, it is the populous city in Tuscany, and approximately 370,000 inhabitants, expanding to over 1.5 million in the metropolitan area. What else of uninteresting side here while Florence has 500 years old building, 300 old statues with an architectural classical European piazzas. Imagine how wonderfully if you are in the middle of this very impressive town surrounding by a marvelous view each corner of the city. Continue reading

Tortola (1)

Tortola The Largest Island In British Virgin Islands

Tortola is the most populated and the biggest island of the British Virgin Islands. British Virgin Islands is a group of islands which is forming the archipelago of the Virgin Islands. Christopher Columbus named it Tortola which means the Land of the Turtle Dove. Santa Ana was another name given by the Columbus. Dutch later changed it to Ter Tholen until the conquer of British. Continue reading

Lombard Street (5)

Lombard Street – San Francisco, California

Lombard street which is situated in San Francisco, it is a very big road which is in between Presidio and Embarcadero park where it becomes a main track directing traffic to the Golden gate bridge. In this place it is a very small and famous section which is between the Hyde and Leaven worth St. and near to the top of the Russian hill.  It is very dangerous for cars because it contains too many directions. Continue reading