Rockaway Beach is an area on the Rockaway Peninsula in the New York City in the area of Queens. It is situated on the South coast of Long isle. The area is surrounded by Arverne to the east and Rockaway Park to the west. The Rockaway Beach is the biggest city beach in the United States, extended for kilometers all along the Rockaway Peninsula opposite the Atlantic sea.  The seashore is being looked after and controlled by the New York City section of Parks and leisure.

Rockaway Beach (1)Rockaway Beach people enjoying with families

Rockaway Beach was formerly famous as the “Irish Riviera” as it had the big Irish American residents in the region.  As per the 2010 United States survey, the society‘s total residents were more than 13000 citizens. Which made it the3rd most occupied area in peninsula.

Ancient History

Rockaway Beach

The Rockaway Beach was previously combination of two villages, Holland and Hammels. Back in 1857, Michael P. Holland had bought the land of the villages and made the name after himself. After thatLouis Hammel, who was a refugee from Germany, purchased an area of soil which was located just the east side of Holland. But later in 1878 he was certain to provide part of his land to the New York, which was being used to make the Railroad for the station for the peninsula.

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Some tourists outside the area refer the Rockaway Beach as the Williamsburg on the Rockaways as few of the water surfers spend their summers in the Rockaways.  Among these surfers who spend the time her in the area are being looked after by the local businesses like Rockaway Taco, which have turn into pretty popular amongst these tourists.

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Tourist ejoying at Rockaway Beach

The population was distressed by storm Sandy in 2012. Later on August, the Senator Charles Schumer broadcast that the first stage of the Rockaway Beach rebuilding and will arrange the foundation for a second agreement to be rewarded later throughout the2013. The reconstruction phase one was amounted $10 million.

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