The Seine is basically a French word. Seine is a 482.184 miles stretched canal which is a significant viable canal inside the Paris sink in the north of the France. The canal grows from its source which is 18.6411 miles northwest of Dijon in France in the Langres plateau (flat terrain of France north of Dijon middle of the Seine), fluiding throughout Paris and into the English Channel (a limb of the Atlantic sea that splits south England and France)  at Le Havre point. 


The river Seine is passable by ocean by different paths which goes as far as the Rouen, which is 75 miles away from the ocean.

Seine Cruise

Seine is very famous tourists point also it is easily in the reach by the means of river boats which are being run commercially in the area the whole river is within the 60 % parameter is available for the leisure boating  tourism sightseeing of the Rive Droite and Rive Gauche inside the city Paris.

Seine Ariel View

Presently there are about 37 overhead bridges inside Paris and many additional which are across the river which leads through city exits.

Seine at day

These bridges can be made an example from the Pont Louis-Philippe and Pont Neuf which have been in the area since 1607.

Seine night

The paths lead to city exits examples can be taken from the Pont de Normandie. It is a very unique and long bridge which is throughout made of long cables, one of the longs bridges of its kind in the whole world.The cabled bridge links the Le Havre to Honfleur.


The name “Seine” derived from the  Latin word Sequana.  There have been several arguments which have been in past the word has been taken from the Sicauna which is similar to the name of River Saône. Though, a optional connection to the River Shannon in Ireland is doubtfully given the awfully unusual forms.

Basin countries                 France, Belgium

Length                               482 miles

Source altitude                471 m (1,545 ft)

Average release             18,000 cu ft/s

Basin area                       30,370 square miles

Map of Seine 






 Seine bridge at the river bank

Seine sunset view

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